ExoticWhip, About our Story

Founded in 2018 in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, ExoticWhip was born in the pursuit of innovating the culinary industry with highest quality, European made, gourmet goods. ExoticWhip started exploring the nitrous market via the creation of our canisters, larger tanks which hold the equivalent of 80 traditional cartridges. Similarly, through our unique and innovative canister design, ExoticWhip holds 15% more than other large canisters on the market.

Quality Assurance

We carefully and thoughtfully have designed our new, innovative European Nitrous Oxide (N2o) technology with quality assurance, which we guarantee through controlling the entire supply chain from the creation of the cylinder itself through the filling process. Design with troubleshooting traditional N2o issues such as chemical aftertaste in mind allows us to ensure taste, fluffiness and quality of the final whip cream product en beyond.

Environmentally Conscious

The large size of our canister is overall easier and more efficient to use, not only saving you time  and money but also reducing environmental impact and waste. ExoticWhip is made and manufactured in Amsterdam, Holland, via our own manufacturing entity, Global Catering Supplies. Our level of care and control over design and production has allowed us to successfully create Exotic Whips with environmentalism in mind. Through increasing the size of whip cream cartridges to 80x the size of traditional canisters, choosing ExoticWhip saves large volumes of metal waste, all without compromising quality. Considering these factors, ExoticWhip remains dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, food-grade E942 nitrous oxide cream chargers on the market. 

Unique Exotic Tastes

Inspired by the tropical flavors and beach vibes of Ibiza, ExoticWhip’s unique flavor drops are intended to even further enhance your N2O experience. With flavors including Mango and Peach, ExoticWhip will transform you to a warm, sandy beach, urging you to explore your creativity. Tapping into the mixology and bartending sphere, as well as through more traditional cooking applications, our flavor drops are applicable to a variety of recipes, which can be found on our website blog. Our blog includes an ongoing database of recipes which can be followed