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At ExoticWhip, we value our customers’ opinions and feedback. We strive to provide the best possible products and services, and your reviews help us do just that. That’s why we’re excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to receive a discount on your next purchase. Simply leave us a review about your recent purchase, and we’ll send you a promo code for your next order.

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These tanks are so much better than old chargers or small canisters, they actually are fully loaded instead of some others i’ve tried. I used these for a party with friends and everyone was suprised.

I completed the order and got tracking within hours, it delivered to Chicago within 2 days! Will def order more

Alex M.

If you’re looking for high grade nitrous, you’ve found it here. No weird smells or tastes to alter what you’re creating! Much more efficient and easy to use than tiny cartridges. Each pack comes with an easy-to-use plastic valve-tip that can be put on the side of a drink for infusion. There was a small shipping error and the team at ExoticWhip really helped straighten everything out. A note for the shipping team, more cushion-material inside to help keep the 6 pack box intact would be great!

Highly recommend this company, they’ve got a long time customer now with me!

Sarah K.

Whoa! Great deal on Chargers!!! Fast service, comes with a quick connect for fluffing recipes! Quality priducts sold here. Definitely will be back.

Steve B.

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