Exotic Whip

Cream Chargers

save time recharging your dispenser
Whip Cream Chargers in a case of six
Innovative Pressure Release Valve
640 Grams of imported European N2O
Stable Safety Foot
Exotic Added Flavors optional

ExoticWhip 640G

Cream Chargers & Dispensers

  • European Quality
  • Disposable Tanks
  • Food-Grade E942
  • Exotic Added Flavors
  • Highest Purity N2O (99.7%)
Exotic Whip wholesale whip cream chargers

An exotic Experience from the island of Ibiza

Born in Ibiza, perfected in Holland. People that work in the restaurant business or vibrant nightlife industry know that time is valuable and they don’t waste it messing around with tiny chargers. We are offering a solution and making it accessible to anyone, from restaurateurs to mom-and-pop-shops and culinary artists at home.

Only ExoticWhip™ brings you the original extra large 640 grams (1.4 lbs) cream charger canister that could save you time crafting that specialty cocktail or making that delicious dessert you love so much.

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“The Sales Rep helped us through the whole process, we've been selling with ExoticWhip for over a year now.”

K. LucasChicago, IL

“Being one of the first sellers of cream chargers in St. Louis has really helped us grow our business. Thanks to ExoticWhip the process was rather easy and the integration with our existing business was seamless.”

A. RodriquezSt. Louis, MO

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