ExoticWhip Cream Whipper Dispenser

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The Exotic Whip cream dispenser is a superior quality syphon that easily sprays delicious fresh whipped cream on your pastries and cakes. It’s also used make Exotic drink infusions with our unique flavor drops, like the Mango Cold Foam and more. Best used in combination with Exotic Whip cream chargers and pressure regulator.

  • DURABILITY & FUNCTIONALITY: Constructed from Premium Aluminum alloy, strong and durable for wide use, works best using heavy whipping cream and a nitrous oxide chargers to make desserts and infuse drinks
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: This Premium whipped cream dispenser is made of durable, quality aluminum. Because high-grade aluminum offers excellent durability to ensure maximum performance, even after multiple uses
  • FOOD-GRADE GUARANTEED: Special food-grade aluminum is upheld to the highest quality standards and thoroughly tested for a consistent final product using your whip it nitrous oxide
  • EASY TO DISPENSE & CLEAN: The heavy whipping cream will go through the cream whipper and dispense from the nozzle, making it easy to insert into any container of your preference. Simply remove the head of the cream whipper and push the piston up to clean.
  • WORKS BEST WITH EXOTICWHIP TANKS: Try out the whipped cream dispenser in combination with our Nitrous Oxide Tank and be amazed with the Ease of Use and Quality of heavy whipping cream
  • 10” length, 3” diameter
  • Max Content: 17 floz
  • Suitable for cold mixtures
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