ExoticWhip Universal Pressure Regulator

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High quality Pressure Regulator Gauge for Whip It Canisters. Works best with the Exotic Whip It Tank

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Looking to start using Whip It Canisters? You should know that a Pressure Regulator Gauge is needed for you to be able and charge your Whippit Tanks with Premium nitrous oxide (N2O) Exotic Whip Cream Chargers. Simply attach the Regulator to the Cream Whipper Dispenser and you’re good to go. Need instructions? Find out how it works

Based on 25 reviews

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  1. High quality and fast

  2. _Very_ professional regulator! All the machining and fittings, gauges and hoses are super high quality. I was expecting Harbor-Freight quality, but ExoticWhip was way higher quality than that. Delivers constant, regulated flow even at low pressure, making using it a breeze! I’ve left it sitting unused for weeks at a time and had zero drop in regulated pressure, even with the valve open. Great item!

  3. Great product, quality craftmanship.

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