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Whippit Tanks Vs. Whippit Cartridges

By November 19, 2022May 5th, 2023No Comments

Know the difference when buying whippits

If you are looking to buy a whip cream chargers for your culinary needs, there is more than just one option and it’s important to compare the differences. That’s why we’ll take you through some considerable pros/cons for both 8g whip cream cartridges as well as the bigger 640G Whippit Tanks in our post today!

compared whip cream cartridges with tanks

What to consider before buying

You’re planning on purchasing cream chargers soon, right? Here’s what to consider when choosing among different formats.

Cream chargers come in many shapes and sizes and they can be used for a variety of purposes such as making Whipped Cream or Cold Foam. The size you choose will depend largely upon how often you will use it. Making the decision can be hard because which option best suits to your needs? For example: do I want less recharging time or more control over my mixture? Consider storage space, efficiency etc… It might take some thinking before making this decision because there really isn’t one perfect answer that suits everyone 100%

However, by asking yourself these questions now (or others!), we’ll make sure our findings match up with whatever your best choice will be.

Downsides of 8g Whipped Cream Cartridges

  • Even though 8-gram whip cream cartridges are also suitable for professional kitchens, its use is ideal for individuals or home applicability. Simply put, if you have a company and need to produce in mass, small cartridges might not be your best option, particularly when expecting to reduce costs.
  • 8g whip cream chargers are empty directly after use, unlike the large format tanks, which hold up more than 80 single cartridges
  • Because of the single use nature, it means that you must use one whole cartridge even if the requirement is less than that

Extra Large Whippit Tanks

One of the most popular size for cream chargers are the 640G Whippit Tanks. They’re not directly compatible with regular 8g cream cartridges, but they have their own special Pressure Regulator which is easy to use if you follow these instructions.

The extra large cream chargers on offer are actually among some of the most popular in food and drink industry. It’s large cylinder shape provides greater length, breadth to weight ratio than 8 gram N2O cartridges and is much more efficient. Simply put, small n2o cartridges are a thing of the past.

Advantages of 640G Whippet Tanks

  • These high-quality whip cream chargers are more time saving than 8g cartridges as they have more capacity and their size means that carrying them along will be very convenient compared to dozens of small little chargers, it saves a lot of space!
  • Whippet Tanks have better performance/consistency than 8g cartridges which means no worries about bad gas or chemical after taste in the mixture! Not only do they meet stringent international standards but the whip cream canisters are also DOT approved.
  • The 640G Tank is compatible with nearly every Cream Whipper Dispenser on the market.
  • Our tanks meet strict international standards for superior and consistent performance, quality, safety and environmentally responsible because they are recyclable.

Conclusion: Tiny whippits are of the past, Whippet Tanks are the future!

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