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Mango-Peach Infused Rum - Recipe

Use our Mango and Peach Flavor Drops to infuse your favorite bottle of rum with a punch of tropical flavor! Our flavor drops make it easy to infuse liquor without the time or effort it takes to infuse with fresh fruit.

Rather than needing excess ingredients and long periods of time to infuse fresh fruit, using our drops makes this process fast and easy!

This simple Mango-Peach Infused rum takes a mere 5 minutes to make, leaving you with a finished product that with elevate any of your favorite rum cocktails and is even delicious enough to drink straight up!

Mango-Peach Infused Rum -exotic whip cream chargers

You will need…


  • 12 oz bottle of white rum
  • 3 drops Mango Flavor Drops
  • 3 drops Peach Flavor Drops


  1. Pour rum into the whipped cream dispenser being careful not to surpass the fill line on the canister. 
  2. Add the Mango and Peach Flavor Drops and screw on the canister lid. 
  3. Place one N2O charger inside the charger holder, screw onto the dispenser and release the gas. Leave for one minute, then unscrew the charger holder, and discard the charger.
  4. Next, place a second N2O charger inside the charger holder and repeat the previous steps, shaking the canister for one full minute after the charger has been discarded. Leave to rest for five minutes.
  5. Take a glass and hold it over the nozzle of the upright dispenser. Press the handle to release the gas into the glass, catching any excess liquid.
  6. Enjoy your tropical infused rum straight away! Store any excess peach-mango rum in a sealable bottle at room temperature.

ExoticWhip Tip: For an added layer of tropical flavor, top your Mango-Peach Infused Rum with delicious Mango Cold Foam

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